Hydraulic hammers, breakers (their parts)


Hydraulic hammers

Hydraulic hammers are used when demolishing buildings, digging trenches, repairing roads, in quarries, for tunnel digging and number of other jobs. That is a tool attached to excavator or loader.

Main task of hydraulic hammer manufacturers – ensure, that vibrations made by hammer are as small as possible for construction machinery (for excavator, loader). For this purpose, a shock block (absorber) is installed into hydraulic hammer box case. Hydraulic hammer absorbers are made in spiral form or from plastic, rubber blocks. This way hydraulic hammer impact on construction machinery decreases.

We offer a range of hydraulic hammers and their accessories for various purposes: for construction, mining, quarry operation and demolition works.

All tools are made of highest quality alloy material. That ensures their quality and long service life.

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