Hydraulic earth augers adapters and teeth

Auger teeth & pilots – earth & rock
Digga hydraulic earth auger teeth are specially designed to help your auger perform at its best. Our range of auger teeth offers three finishes; standard, flat tungsten, and multi-faced tungsten for tougher ground conditions. Refer below for the wearpart which best suits your auger and ground drilling needs. You can choose between a bladed cutting head, a tapered cutting head, or a rotating rock pick design.

Choosing the correct teeth for your auger
Ground conditions can play a big part when choosing teeth for your auger. If you want your auger to perform at its best, you need to choose the correct teeth. Digga auger teeth can be grouped into four basic types:

TS range: Drill into earth, clay, and shale – Up to 5t
Suits TP / A1 / A3 / A4 auger;
Blade / chisel – Up to 5t;
Earth / tungsten carbide / MFT.

TM range: Drill into earth, clay, and shale – Up to 24t
Suits A6 / A8 auger;
Blade / chisel – Up to 24t;
Tungsten carbide / MFT.

TT Combination earth & rock: Drill into soft earth and clay / rip into fracturable rock – Up to 50t
Suits RC4 / RC6 / RC8 / RC10 / RC11 auger;
Round tapered – Up to 50t;
Multi faceted tungsten (MFT).

Rock Picks for rock: Shale, fracturable rock, concrete, and abrasive conditions – Up to 50t
Suits RC4 / RC6 / RC8 / RC11 auger;
Rotating rock picks – Up to 50t;
Hardened tungsten.

Select from one of the tooth categories above based on your current auger and/or drilling ground conditions.