Track press TP100-EH-C-A1


VemaTrack has expanded its product range with the mobile track press. The VemaTrack track press ensures that the pin can be pressed in and out of a chain easily, safely and quickly. In addition, the use of the track press prevents damage to the front wheels or final drive of your running gear, as the pin is not knocked out with a large sledge hammer.

The press can be used for pins with a diameter of between 19.3 and 60.2 mm and can be used on all brands, from dry to oil-lubricated chains. The press pump can be operated both manually and electrically, making it suitable for use at any location. You use the track press by aligning it with the pin you want to remove and then pushing it out of the chain. Then you can safely and quickly press the new pin into the chain. The instruction video below explains step by step what to look out for when using the track press.

Track press box

The track press is delivered in the track press box. This box contains all the things you need when using the track press. The set includes a track press, a hydraulic pump, hydraulic hoses, a stand where the press can be hung if necessary, and various press attachments and tools.

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