Earth auger quick hitches


Hitches for machines large & small

Digga manufactures a range of hitches for excavators, backhoes, and machines up to 90 tonnes. Options include single pin, double pin and cradle hitches as well as Digga’s patented Swing Control hitch and screw piling hitch (Ryno hitch).


Ekskavatorių greitosios jungtys

  • Single pin hitches
  • Double pin hitches
  • Cradle hitches
  • Swing control hitches
  • Piling hitches


Ekskavatorių greitosios jungtys su vienu kaiščiu

Light weight option for small machines

A weight reduced, non-bulky option built for micro and mini excavators up to 3T. Suits PDD-PD3 drive units. Ideal for General augering in standard ground conditions.


Ekskavatorių greitosios jungtys su dviem kaiščiais

Standard 2=pin configuration hitches

Available for all excavators with or without quick hitch. Suits all drive unit ranges such as PDD to PD50, Supa Drives, Mega Drives, Ultra Drives, and Xtreme Drives (4,000 Nm – 500,000 Nm).


Ekskavatorių greitosios jungtys su dviem fiksuotais arba nefiksuotais kaiščiais

For machines with / without quick hitch

Loose pin and fixed pin options available (for machines with hydraulic quick hitch).


Ekskavatorių greitosios jungtys su atrama hidraulinei pavarai

Cradled hitches

Double pin hitch with a drive unit cradle to suit PDD-PD50. Safer maneuvering around work sites and easier connection to augers or piles.


Ekskavatorių greitosios jungtys polių įrengimui

Piling hitches

Double pin hitch with dual drive control for safer maneuvering around work sites and easier connection to augers or piles. The hitch features a drive cradle on one end and a linkage stop on the other. Suits PD12-PD50, SD, MD, UD, XD).


Ekskavatorių greitųjų jungčių siūbavimo kontrolės sistema

Swing control system

Double pin hitch with forward and aft dampening for safer maneuvering around work sites and better control of the auger. Effectively increases operator productivity and reduces costs. Suits PD3-PD50 drive units.


Australų gamybos XO7 žemės grąžtų prailginimai

Australian made

Our product quality and innovation leads the industry. 100% Australian made, designed and manufactured for Australian conditions, providing you with versatility, competitive pricing and a factory-backed warranty.


Configuration Machine size Suits Drive
Single Pin Micro / Mini Excavators PDD-PD3
Double Pin Large Excavators PDD-PD50 / SD / MD / UD / XD
Cradle Hitch Large Excavators PDD-PD50
Swing Control System Small to Large Excavators PD3-PD50
Piling Hitch Medium to Large Excavators PD12-PD50 / SD / MD / UD / XD